Primary Care Voice: Advocacy & Leveraging Narrative

This series meets Wednesdays (weekly) from 12:00 to 1:00 PM MT


The Primary Care Voice ECHO series aims to empower PCPs with the tools and knowledge to enhance their narrative voice and to articulate the issues more clearly for consumption by both policy-makers and the public. Across 8-weeks, PCPs will learn how to better share their stories and experiences by collaborating with an expert in public narrative in order to promote positive change in communities and clinics. 

The series is limited to 20 participants with expectations for active listening and engagement from all participants to promote an environment that is designed to foster a sense of community and trust amongst the participants which will, in turn, allow for more effective storytelling development.  The best way to learn storytelling is to tell your story, practice, and receive coaching & feedback through multiple small group breakout sessions in which everyone shares. 


Public Narrative is a form of storytelling which helps translate values into action. It helps storytellers connect with their audience by demonstrating shared values and emotions in order to promote change. Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are often looked to as community leaders and expected to use storytelling to articulate issues and generate positive change in their communities. Using Public Narrative to generate change could include a change in patient behavior, inspiring care team to implement a practice change, advocating to policy-makers on behalf of your patients, among other things.

Within the context of this ECHO series, PCPs will improve their storytelling capabilities using a Public Narrative model: 
Story of Self: a way to share the values that define who you, 
Story of Us: a way to demonstrate shared values and experiences of a community,
Story of Now: a way to demonstrate a call to action for your audience to overcome a challenge/promote change. 

Session/Title Date
1 - Introduction to Public Narrative 1/27/2021
2 - Story of Self Workshop 2/3/2021
3 - Story of Self Small Groups 2/10/2021
4 - Story of Us & Now Workshop 2/17/2021
5 - Story of Us & Now Small Groups 2/24/2021
6 - How to Use Stories in Advocacy & Change 3/3/2021
7 - Narrative in Everyday 3/10/2021
8 - Community Organizing & Coalition Building 3/17/2021
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